Harbour City Capital

When you're ready to sell your business, we're ready to buy.

Harbour City Capital Canada invests in local businesses through acquisitions and partnerships so you can retire, spend more time with your family, or move on to your next project.

Your business is a part of the local community and we love it like you do.


How Much  is Your Company Worth?

Generally speaking, a company is valued based on a multiple of its average Net Profit - this depends on the size of the business and industry but for a small company may be 1.5x to 3x. Then, subtract the debts owed on the company. 

Another common method is to average the Net Assets of the company, in combination with net profits. Applying a smaller multiple on this method provides an estimate of the value of your company.

Other factors also come into play such as cash on hand vs operating cash required, real estate, and other assets.

We use a combination of equity, debt, and seller financing to complete the transaction through a share sale. This gives us the flexibility to offer you the price you want for your business.

Call Harbour City Capital discuss your options in selling.


Who is Harbour City Capital?

Harbour City Capital is a privately owned company dedicated to transitioning owners out of their businesses in a manner that keeps their business intact, protects employees, and keeps customers happy and coming back.

Harbour City Capital works with you to transition you to retirement or your next project, all on your terms. Our acquisitions are completed through a mix of equity, debt, and seller financing. 

We focus on companies in the low-middle market of $1M to 10M in gross revenue. Hamilton is home and we work with business owners throughout the Golden Horseshoe.

Our founder is a designated accountant, CPA, CMA with a background in accounting and sales. Her background includes small family owned companies and multi-billion dollar organizations, Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies.


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