Accept it, Change is ok

It seems as we get a little older we become more resistant to change.

I'm in my mid-thirties and have already noticed it compared to my twenties (my best friend will tell you I'm just stubborn). However, I'm still the change leader amongst my peers and consciously push myself if I find I'm becoming complacent.

"That's how we've done it for thirty years" is a phrase I've heard far too many times. It's not that way is wrong, but being complacent is.

I've seen it in large companies and in small ones. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" it's another common one. But, if you can take 30 minutes to do a menial task, or I show you a way to do it in 5, why would you choose 30??

Is it because it'll take you 40 minutes to figure it out the first couple times? Is it because you might look a little silly doing it different? Is it because you'll have to find answers to new questions? Is it because you don't want to push your staff to do it or upset them? Is it because that's not how it's normally done in the industry?

The point isn't about doing it different or why you do it the way you do. The point is about efficiencies, about increasing quality, and maybe even about reducing time on those menial tasks and focusing on the tasks that make you more money and maybe you enjoy doing more.

I've watched companies resistant to sending an email to all invested parties. Instead, they'd rather walk a copy to some of the invested parties and leave other ones out. Not because it makes sense, but because their staff don't want to check their emails and that's how they've always done it. They've accepted mediocrity and are resistant to change.

Another one used to re-type data from one spreadsheet to another (this was a company in the hundreds of millions $$). Instead they could copy, link, or download fresh data and reduce errors. Maybe they didn't know how or maybe they were scared to do something different. Either way, I looked like a genius when I had a week of work done in an afternoon. I also had a supervisor going through my work with a fine tooth comb because she didn't believe I could have done quality work in such a short time!!

Change isn't always what you need, sometimes the old way is better. Just promise me, you're not doing it the old way because you don't want to change. Do it because that's the best way to do it for your business.

If you are ready for change and want to add a partner to your business or explore your options in selling, email me, Samantha Clark at or call 905-220-5224.

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