Better than the Accountant

Taxes are painful. They cost a lot of money. They are complicated.

That's why we go to a professional tax accountant.

Accountants are smart - of course I would cheekily say that, I am one! I know first hand the education programs they study and the tests they complete for certification.

As small business owners we go to the local accountant. It's great to support local! But know that they are usually generalists and may not know the specifics to maximize your tax write-offs. Going to a big firm won't necessarily solve your problem either, they are usually juniors that prepare your business taxes and they have a senior check it.

And the government review isn't going to help you with strategies either.

Why would they mention you could owe less???

Having a good accountant does not discount your responsibility to understand the tax code. It has a significant impact on your business. Your accountant may send you in the right direction, but the uncomfortable truth is that you need to know it too.

Industry specific google searches, social media groups, and talking to industry colleagues will give you ideas to dig into. Make sure you fact check everything you learn on the subject and talk to your accountant about how it will impact your business.

It's a advantageous way to keep your money in your pocket.

If you want to know more about selling your company email me, Samantha Clark at or call 905-220-5224.

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