Pivot to Stay Relevant

One year ago the pandemic shut down our country. Business owners were forced to pivot to keep their business afloat.

It looked different for everyone. Some went online, others added delivery services, and more sent their people home and still haven't returned to the office. Many even changed their product lines from liquor to sanitizer and t-shirts to face masks.

Everyone was forced to adapt and do it quickly. A company's success was determined by their leaders' adaptability and resilience to that change. It was a time when owners were protecting their business, their people, and the public.

By looking to other industries and each other, we can learn what is working and apply those ideas to our own business. Just because "we don't do that in our industry" doesn't mean we can't do it. Neither does it mean we wouldn't be successful if we tried.

We're in a time where it's really ok to do things different. Nothing is normal, so be the black sheep. Today do what others won't so tomorrow you can do what others can't (Jerry Rice).

We aren't quite done yet with this pandemic. We are in our third wave of lock downs and we are tired. Business owners have been standing on their toes and haven't been able to stand sturdy on the ground again. It's not over, not yet.

We are holding fast, waiting for the storm to pass. Go ahead, pivot and do things different. You will be surprised at the results.

If you are ready to pivot and want to add a partner to your business or explore your options in selling, email me, Samantha Clark at or call 905-220-5224.

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